Working Out

Day 4

So I don’t have much to say because the schedule will start Monday but I felt I should write something.

Today, I decided to change up my workout routine, thanks Six Pack Shortcuts, anyway today I decided to do some chest and abs.

First I did a 5 minute fat burner, which consists of 30 seconds of Mountain climbers, 30 second plank, 30 seconds situps, but these sit ups are a bit different than normal ones you’re gonna put your legs together in a sitting position, legs raised, then interlock your fingers behind your head and move your arms along with your chest up to your knees.

I then did dive bomber push ups, four second push ups, in out push ups, Russian twists, leg raises and reverse crunches.

I did some other stuff but I don’t explain nearly as well as Mike Chang does at Six Pack Shortcuts, so if you could go check it out on Youtube, it really works. Be happy, smile, till next time.



Day 3

I’ve got a lot of friends but there are 3 that I have connected with the most.

Peter, man, he’s been my best friend since like 4th grade, we met playing tag on the playground. We’ve been best friends ever since. He was the one who got me into rugby. Every time we hang out we are either fishing or tossing the ball around. We’re basically brothers.

Hunter, is an awesome friend, I met him on the bus during the first week of freshman year, he and I sat were instantly friends. We don’t hang out outside of school but during school we’d talk in English or lunch. He streams games on Twitch and has a youtube channel, if you could go to his channels it would be greatly appreciated, his name on it is WarriorSlime. So, be happy, smile, till next time. 🙂

A Little Bit About Me

So, day 2 of the blog. This should be the last little bit about me. So I came back from the doctor for a physical, I HATE going to the doctor.

Music is fantastic, I am always listening to music, even while I write I’m listening to Fort Minor.

I’ve got three really close friends, I won’t say their last names, one has been my best friend for like 6 or 7 years, his name is Peter, the other two I met last year, their names are Hunter and Eden.

I use Spotify so if you’re reading this and use Spotify then follow me and I’ll follow back probably. So I spend a good part of my day working out, I don’t go to a gym and I don’t have weights so I improvise I guess, I’ll talk about that later. Another good part of my day is watching Roman Atwood on YouTube.

I’m not religious so if I say I’m blessed or something along the lines of that then I really mean it because I don’t do it a lot.

I think I’m going to do specific things for specific days starting Monday. It’ll be something like, Memory Monday, Talk Tuesday, Weird Wednesday, Thing Thursday, Factual Friday and then Saturday and Sunday will need to be figured out. Thanks for reading, be happy, smile, till next time. 🙂

A Little Bit About Me

So yeah, I guess this is part two of whatever this is.

I’m a sophomore in high school. Rugby is basically my life, I have only played one season but it was awesome. I started playing as an inside center then a wing. Since it was my first year I didn’t play alot but I got to do a 7’s tournament with less than half the team as it was spring break at the Colts Training complex. That was the best day of my rugby career so far. I’m moving to the pack, the scrum to a 2nd row or flanker. In the picture on the front page or top however you are viewing this are my friends who all got me in it, I am the one in between the eagle wings.

Enough with the rugby stuff for now, I love to write, whether it’s lyrics to songs I write or stories. I usually am a happy person unless something kinda pushes me over the edge.

My favorite band is Linkin Park, my favorite shows are Friends, Arrow, Flash, and Bizarre Foods, I love random facts, I’m filled with them. I have two dogs, one named Mieke, A Bernese Mountain Dog, and Sophie, an Australian Shepherd, my cat, well all I really know about him is that we rescued him from Hurricane Katrina and he’s been here ever since. Thanks for reading, be happy, smile, till next time.

Little bit about me

So yeah if you read my first post you know I play rugby and have my family. Well there are two things I want to do in my life, job wise, but they are two completely separate professions I guess you could say. They are becoming an orthodontist or an FBI special agent. Becoming an orthodontist would mean a lot of student loans and years in schooling but the pay is awesome. Becoming an FBI special agent would mean training, physical, mental, emotional, and with weapons. It’s awesome also because you get to help people and keep them safe, the downside is it can be extremely dangerous. There’s going to be a part two and maybe three, I don’t know why but I wanted to post this

Hello world!

Hey, I’m McKinley Adams, I am a Rugby player it’s basically my life and I will more than likely talk about it a lot. This is my blog I guess, I’ll fill you guys and gals in on me and my life. I’m willing to answer almost any question. Yeah, let’s see how this goes. 🙂