Hey guys and gals, it’s Sunday and I hope you are doing fantastic.

Have a great day wonderful people. Be happy, smile, till next time 🙂



Hey guys and gals, let’s talk about meditation and positivity.

Recently I decided that I stress a lot, worry, and had an often negative mind set like I wouldn’t be smart enough or good enough at something. I told myself that it was just plain stupid! So I started meditating, it was recently, so I am currently doing 5 minutes twice a day with isochronic binaural beats and a thing called the Law of Attraction. More of that later. Be happy, smile, till next time 🙂

Random trivia

Here are some facts, they aren’t scary in my opinion but did get me thinking.

Scary random facts

In the US 300.000 deaths per year can be associated with obesity (source)

In norway and sweden they eat fried reindeers.

98% of Japanese will be incinareted after they died. Because it saves space!

I guess you thought that sweat smell right? Wrong the smell comes from the bacterias in your body, sweat itself does not smell.
Speaking of bacteria, Urine does not contain bacteria and another bacteria fact: You have more bacteria in your mouth than anus

Atleast 20 banks are being robbed everyday. 2500USD is the average take.

Lobsters don´t die because of age, they die only because of external causes.

Not really scary but a strange and unkown fact: Honey (in its natural form)  never spoils no matter how old it is you can eat honey. It does not contain much water making it a low-moisture environmont bacterias have no chance to breed.

Real fact: Most lipsticks contain fish scales – (source)

Oreo has been proved to be as addictive as cocaine or other drugs – (source)

At any given time there can be about thirty-five to fifty serial killers, as estimated by the FBI.

Many mental illnesses are associated with sleep problems. When your sleep gets shorter than 7 hours per night, there is evidence that there is an increased risk for many diseases like diabetes and obesity.

In 1920´s a dollmaker wanted to make her dolls look as real as possible, she would cut off hair of her elementary students and even skinned off some of her own daughters skin (for one particular doll). After she was caught, she was found NOT guilty, because of insanity.

Before becoming a serial killer, Rodney Alcala appeared in a TV Show called “The Dating Game”. He was arrested 1 year after appearing on the show for killing several women.

Thanks for reading, be happy, smile, till next time 🙂

P.S These facts are from fact monster


Before I start SCARY WEEKEND, I wanted to tell you guys about music I like and listen to.

Linkin Park is a big one, I have been a fan of theirs since I was born, thanks to my parents who have great tastes in music. My mom owned their Meteora album and my dad would blast it in the car while we waited for my grandparents.

Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, Disturbed and I Prevail are some of the other rock bands I love.

Radical Face, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Thousand Foot Krutch ( rock band), and Eminem are some of the other bands I listen to, mostly on Spotify. Thanks for reading, be happy, smile, till next time 🙂


Hey everyone, I’m sorry, I have been so busy over the past week or two that I haven’t had anytime to post. Well as you know my great grandfather passed away and his funeral will be one of the hardest days of my life, I was pallbearer and it broke me down because as a pallbearer you are delivering the loved one to their final place and it has to be done perfectly. My dad and I had a close relationship with him, he was always spending time with him when he was younger and we bonded over our love for old cars. He loved to fix up cars and that has been something that I have wanted to do for  long time.

Also school started, and rugby so I am so sore and tired. Once again I apologize for not writing and hopefully I will be able to write Saturday and Sunday. Those will probably be stories and trivia. Be happy, smile, till next time 🙂


Go out, right now, I don’t even care if you read the rest of this, and accomplish your dream. It doesn’t even have to be a dream it can be a goal like you want to shave off a minute running two miles. Just take the opportunity you have been given and do it. It doesn’t have to be all at once it can be over a few days, months, years but start now.

An example would be me, my dream in life is to become a FBI Special Agent with a 1969 450 Mustang boss and a loving family. But to achieve these goals I have started to move forward in that direction. I have researched the FBI, found training requirements, for the car I know websites and place to find a mustang, either one in perfect condition or one that needs a personal restoration.

So stop sitting around and going about your days unsatisfied or not knowing what you want to do with your life and do it, work hard to accomplish your dream so you can live your life to the fullest and happy. Be happy, smile, till next time. 🙂

Scary Sunday

First Scary Sunday

So for Scary Sunday I will be telling a scary story or giving scary facts but today will be a story. *These are stories that I have heard, they may be true and I will recount them to the best of my ability.*

It was a bad night, my wife and I had been fighting about how our house is so much smaller than our friends home’s. I decided I didn’t want to spend the night at my home so I went over to my buddies. He said I could spend as much time as I need at his home. He was one of my friends that had a large home. Over some beer he told me he had three guest rooms but only ever used one and his room was right across the hall. After a few beers we went to bed.

I couldn’t fall asleep, too much was going through my head and there was this noise on the other side of the door. I couldn’t take it anymore so I got up and tried the door in the hall, it was locked. I went to his room and saw he was asleep but I woke him up and asked him why the door was locked, he said it was where he kept valuable stuff. I told him that I heard a noise and he said if I hear it again I should wake him and we’d check it out. I thought that was reasonable so I went back to bed. I heard shuffling around and what seemed to be a voice up against the wall. I went to his room again and said I heard something again. He got his keys and went to the room next to mine, he unlocked it and entered the room. The bed had marks on it that showed someone had been sleeping there, we where hit by a breeze and saw the window was open. We looked around, there were bags in the closet and his valuables were gone. He got this terrified expression on his face and rushed to the hall, I was confused but caught on to what he was doing and followed, I got in the hall and he opened the door, as he opened the door we saw a dark figure hop from the window sill to the patio roof. He was about to jump out but I stopped him and we ran out the back door. The figures were no where to be seen.

Upon closer inspection he saw the bed was covered in drops of blood and his meat cleaver was on the ground soaked in blood. While we were having beer he was talking about how food goes so fast and yet he was so skinny. It all made sense now, he guessed that they had been homeless drug addicts staying there for a week or more. As far as we know they were never caught.

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Sorry I didn’t keep up my schedule for the week I was pretty busy. Today I had gyros for lunch with my grandparents, went shopping, got my bro candy, and I got 186 pieces of gum 🙂 Sorry I will try to post something tomorrow, it might be a silly little story, made up or not. Be happy, smile, till next time