Hey, so for probably the past week I’ve changed my music. Instead of listening to early 2000s music I am listening to Machine Gun Kelly/MGK. I was in my electronic music class and listening to him and someone looked at my screen and asked, “McKinley why are you listening to Machine Gun Kelly?”

I responded, “Cause I can. I don’t know, I can’t think of anything.” And I wasn’t just listening it was blaring out of the headphones, he’s a fantastic rapper. I will update you all on Sunday night about YouTube.

Go ask someone if their ok, you could save a life



Hey guys and gals I have some pretty exciting news! Today I agreed to join my friends in making a YouTube channel. There will be skits, news, reactions, and maybe some stories from me. We will do our first brain storm session soon so. Once we get it up and running I will include links to our channel and sites.

Sadly one of my idols recently passed away. R.I.P Johan Lomu

I’m back

I’m back!! After a long absence due to school and rugby I am back to posting. Hopefully I’ll post everyday if not every other. Spread the word, scream it out your window!!! Be happy, Smile, till next time. 🙂