Working Out

Day 4

So I don’t have much to say because the schedule will start Monday but I felt I should write something.

Today, I decided to change up my workout routine, thanks Six Pack Shortcuts, anyway today I decided to do some chest and abs.

First I did a 5 minute fat burner, which consists of 30 seconds of Mountain climbers, 30 second plank, 30 seconds situps, but these sit ups are a bit different than normal ones you’re gonna put your legs together in a sitting position, legs raised, then interlock your fingers behind your head and move your arms along with your chest up to your knees.

I then did dive bomber push ups, four second push ups, in out push ups, Russian twists, leg raises and reverse crunches.

I did some other stuff but I don’t explain nearly as well as Mike Chang does at Six Pack Shortcuts, so if you could go check it out on Youtube, it really works. Be happy, smile, till next time.